Laura and Brian's Beautiful Connemara Wedding!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Laura and Brian returned to a spot close to their hearts in Connemara to celebrate their wedding. Brian and his family used to holiday in Renvyle when he was a young boy so there are lots of happy family memories here. And what a stunning place for a couple's special day! It's weddings like this that remind me what a stunningly beautiful country we live in! Brian got ready with his brothers in a nearby cottage while the  bride spent the morning with her bridesmaids in the lovely Renvyle House.
There is so much about this wedding I love, the matching floral robes, the soft flowers, the setting and that dress!! Gorgeous!
The ceremony was held in a nearby fishing village 'Tully Cross' where there was an actual oyster fair that day adding to the atmosphere of local Irish beauty. Following traditional, Laura and Brian followed their guests over to the little locacl pub where Laura pulled a pint of Guinness behind the bar for herself and Brian. Sure why not?! We then stopped off at a local beach on our journey back to Renvyle House for photos. 

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