2015 Weddings in review - it's all about the people!

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Wow, what a year! Not only did I get to photograph so many wonderful weddings, I got married too. I travelled to Bali with my new husband. I moved house. I welcomed a new little nephew into the world. I was bridesmaid for one of my best friends in France. And I attended 6 weddings of close friends and family! It's been craaazy busy, but it's been amazing! My weddings this year took me all over Ireland and abroad where I discovered so many spectacular places. But this year was all about human connections for me. My personal and professional life go hand in hand; one influences the other and vice versa. It has been a roller coaster year with some life changing moments. There have been many happy times, but also some very sad times this year. I've been blessed with new family members but I've also had to say goodbye to close loved ones. This is something we are all touched by and it connects us all. Sometimes it takes certain events to make you stand still for a moment and think; what is it all about?? With so many images bombarding us on a daily basisit's easy to get caught up in the glamour and glitz and craving the perfect 'pinterest world'. I found myself getting sucked in too, afterall I'm a girly girl at heart and I like sparkly things. BUT, this year what sparkles for me is emotion! It's been a year that has taught me the importance of family and being present in the moment with them. And it's all there on a wedding day, ready to be soaked up into my camera like a sponge; love, laughter, joy, tears, sadness, excitement! I would like to thank all the couples who booked me as their wedding photographer in 2015 and to those who have booked me to capture their day this year, I really look forward to it! Here are some of my favourite images from 2015 - a year that's been all about the people! 

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